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A Million Dreams (for 6 trumpets or Flugelhorns) 

Digital Sheet Music

A Million Dreams for The Greatest Showman arranged for 6 trumpets or flugelhorns. Check out my other arrangements on Sheet Music Plus or on my YouTube Channel (Matt Brockman).

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When The Party's Over

(for brass quintet)

Digital Sheet Music

The beautiful ballad by the brother-sister duo, Billie and Finneas, arranged into a brass quintet! I chose all-conical instruments for this quintet, but it can be substituted with trumpets or trombones.

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Ocean Eyes (for 5 trumpets)

Digital Sheet Music

Billie Ellish's beautiful ballad arranged for trumpet ensemble. All parts can be played on flugelhorn (recommended). The piccolo trumpet part can play played down an octave on Bb trumpet or flugelhorn. Optional drum/percussion part.

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Gabriel's Oboe (for Solo Piccolo Trumpet and Trumpet Ensemble)

Digital Sheet Music

Written in memory of Ryan Anthony, who gave a moving performance of this piece at CancerBlows 2015. Written for solo piccolo trumpet in A and 4 trumpets or flugelhorn accompaniment. Contact me for any alterations.

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Bohemian Rhapsody for (8 trumpets)

Digital Sheet Music

Written for 8 trumpets, one being on piccolo trumpet. Guitar solo can be performed by any player who is resting. The arrangement also works well with a drummer laying down the part to the original song. Contact me for modifications or to transcribe for another kind of ensemble.

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Yesterday (for Trumpet Ensemble)

Digital Sheet Music

Arranged for 9 players. 2 players split the iconic melody as featured soloists. 3 plays play muted trumpets and the other 4 also play flugelhorn. This arrangement would make a quick and easy piece to put together and it makes a great crowd pleaser!


Señorita (for 4 trumpets and loop)

Digital Sheet Music

This arrangement use a combination of technology and live players. Using a looping machine is recommended but the looping parts are all written out in case you wish to play it without one.

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String Quartet No. 8 MVT 3 (for 5 trumpets)

Digital Sheet Music

This arrangement is written for 5 players: 1 player always on piccolo, 3 switching between piccolo and Bb trumpet, and 1 always on Bb trumpet. It would make a great competition piece for a trumpet ensemble!

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Wish You Were Here (for 6 trumpets)

Digital Sheet Music

Based off an old, indie record of classic rock orchestral covers that my roommate showed me back in my college days. This arrangement is a prime example of genre-blending and will truly excite your audience. The intro is a ballad which quickly moves into the verse which is in a baroque/classical style with the piccolo trumpet playing the melody. The choruses are in a half-time rock style, which is very contrasting to the verses. The bridge is also in a rock style but it adds a bunch of mixed meters in order to shake things up! The arrangement can split up between trumpets and flugelhorns and it is highly suggested that a drummer plays along.

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Blinding Lights for (6 trumpets)

Digital Sheet Music

A fun trumpet arrangement of the hit tune by The Weeknd! Has a very spooky and suspensful opening, which includes some extended techniques. It then cuts the the fast, high-energy vibe that the tune is known for.

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Prelude No. 1 (for Solo Trumpet and Trumpet Ensemble)

Digital Sheet Music

Originally written for solo piano. This arrangement features a single player with a virtuosic solo and features an accompaniment made up of 6 other trumpet parts.

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